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Bonjourno! My name is Kate Morrison , and no I'm not Italian (which would be easily mistakable seeing as I'm obviously amazing at Italian , that was that the bonjourno bit in case you were wondering) , anyway I'm 15 years old and a fashion enthusiast keen to share my views with the world.I created my blog last year , as a format to release my creative energy onto the world .

What are your aspirations for the future? Well I'm really interested in fashion journalism or something along the lines of a buyer , designer or stylist because I'm fascinated by the fashion industry.Or maybe something to do with movies- I like movies. I also want to travel the world-experience different cultures and do something really fun ,like skydiving.  Last summer , I went paragliding which was really amazing but I'd love to take it to the next level.

Why "A Shopaholics's vision?" OK, to be honest ( this sounds really awful) but it was an idea that popped into my head and I couldn't think of anything really clever because I was just so excited to get blogging - ya know?I kind of regret the name of my blog but I don't think I'd ever change it because this is where I started I wouldn't describe myself as a "shopaholic" but I am passionate about clothes!(god,so cringe)I don't even go shopping that often.

Who are your style icons? There are so many but mainly Audrey Hepburn.I love Tavi Gevinson's attitude towards fashion , she sees it at would it should be : fun. I also think that the original 80's gal Debbie Harry is amazing! Oh and Kate Moss , because she is part of that small percentage of celebrities who don't have a stylist and dress for themselves.And Isabella Blow is just the best.

How would you describe your style? Hmmm..... that's a tough one, I don't think that I can really describe how I dress , I dress differently pretty much every day , I wear what I feel like and not what is necessarily 'on trend'.

Favourite shops? I really love markets- my favourite is Great Homer Street Market in Liverpool, but as for high street shops, I  love Topshop , Urban Outfitters and H&M.I have to mention Bijou Vintage - its a great little vintage shop with all different kinds of vintage coats , shirts and dresses.

Who are your favourite designers? There are so many !To start, I think that Chanel was extremely influential as was Alexander McQueen - I think that Sarah Burton has done a fantastic job of trying to fill his shoes.Lately, I've really been into Jil Sander ,Miu Miu, Bottega Veneta , Mary Katrantzou ,Vivienne Westwood, Marni and Meadham Kirchoff. Oh , and I'm obsessed with Christopher Kane! But there are so many I couldn't mention them all!

What is your favourite band/singer? I love Fleetwood mac , Mystery Jets ,Beck, The Smiths, The Jam and Jack White. I also really like The Vaccines ,The Cure , Bleached, Dusty Springfield  ,The Ramones and The Libertines.To be honest though , I like so many different bands and singers of different genres.I'm really into movie soundtracks as well - especially the Juno , Pulp Fiction and 10 things I hate about you soundtracks.

What is your favourite film (s) ? Oh wow, well I'm a bit of a film nerd , so there are so many. I love Napoleon Dynamite ,Shawshank Redemption, Stepbrothers , Forest Gump ,Coco before Chanel , Sean of the Dead and Rushmore.I really like cult films like The Red Balloon and think that Japanese anime films are awesome like Kiki's Delivery Service and My Neighbour Totoro.Wes Anderson is so good : literally every film of his deserves to be on this list.

And here I am - smiling as always! :D

P.S - Felix the cat literally has nothing to do with it , but hey, he is an awesome cartoon cat! :)
 -And a lot of this is probably out of date by now , because I'm always finding new things that I like.