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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Two Today!!!

Two years ago today I created this blog.Two years.
There are literally so many things that I've learned through this blog ; about a ton of great designers and labels - even through other bloggers I've found out about so many amazing movies and directors and bands and musicians and photographers and artists.
I've also learnt that I suck at coming up with good/interesting/catchy names for blogs.What is "A Shopaholic's Vision" even supposed to mean-stupid 13 year old me.
I was reading a couple of the first posts that I wrote and they are so embarrassing , I considered deleting them but then I remembered that that those posts were as much a part of this blog as my latest few.If you want to laugh me , go ahead , the posts are still available in my archives.
I vividly remember feeling like a fashion expert when I first worked out what A/W and S/S meant.
I think my blog has changed so much - even since last year ,I'm kind of more interested in movies and music than fashion specifically. I'm still and probably always will be intrigued by fashion ,as a whole ,but the industry never really stops to breathe for a second and appreciate the art and beauty that surrounds it - in fact that might even be what I like about it.
The thing that I love about clothes is that you can wear art. ..whether that be in a subtle(or not so subtle) way ,you can express yourself to the world.It's fun dressing differently every day , you don't have to stick to a particular genre of fashion .It's kind of like being in a movie , being a character and showing that by your clothes and that I think, is really amazing.
Unfortunately for the 2nd anniversary of my regretfully named blog , I don't have anything particularly exciting to share with you because I should really be revising for my science exams.
But , here are a bunch of relatively recent pictures I've taken in various places :

Thanks for sticking with me for these past two years!