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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Liverpool Sound City [part two]

It is very likely that you have been greatly anticipating this post , part two of the Liverpool Sound City diaries( if you're not so sure what's going on then read this first)
And so the musical journey continues....
Iris , Helaena and I started the afternoon at The Bluecoat Gardens where we watched a couple of different bands ( the names of which I cannot recall) play acoustic sessions.

Gentleman Rogues , of USA , were supposed to be playing in the gardens but they were not informed that they wouldn't have access to a drum kit -so just the lead singer performed.
The stories behind the songs that he had written were so funny : like one of them was about a girl who stalked him :she sent him a serious of poems confessing her love for him and saying that she "would be his secret train ride".The three of us of course thought this guy was hilarious.After he finished playing he gave us free downloads for a few of Gentleman Rogue's albums.

After that we went down to The Brink and listened to Alex Moir.

Then we went to the Moon Museum,where we saw Dune Rats.
Dune Rats are these great Australian stoners who just genuinely seemed like they were having a good time.
Brett , the bass player , just continued to laugh hysterically into the mic whilst shouting something like "tell them about the bus story"-we never did hear about the bus story.
Despite the fact that they were all blatantly stoned they could actually play really well.I didn't think that they had the capacity to play their instruments by the second song-but they proved me wrong.And their songs were so good.It was so different to any other concert we went to during those three days and to be honest it was one of the best. C'etait tres ammusant!

Death at Sea played Studio 2 , Iris shouted a request to the band and they played it!

Then we went to the East Village Arts Club and saw the amazing September Girls.
An all girl alternative rock band named after a Big Star song are going to be good-you can just sense it.

The final gig of the musical journey was Kodaline.
They played the Anglican Cathedral - which means the acoustics were unbelievable, as was the atmosphere.We worked our way to relatively near the front and rejoiced as the Irish band sang beautiful ,beautiful music.

Did any of you guys go to the festival - which bands did you go see?I'd love to know what you thought of the gigs that you saw!

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Liverpool Sound City [part 1]

Heyyyy guyzzz!!!!
Sorry I haven't posted for a while but I've been a little preoccupied with exams , I still have my science exams over the next couple of weeks so wish me luck!
At the beginning of May I went to Liverpool Sound City which is a music festival running across three days,with hundreds of amazing artists in a ton of great venues across the city.And I loved every second of it.
In previous years bands such as Noah and the Whale , Swim Deep ,Bastille and The Maccabees have played at this sensational music event: all before hitting the big time.
I'll give you guys a quick run down of my itinerary during the three days:

It started on the Thursday night; I went with my friend Helaena ,and as you might expect, we were super excited during school and couldn't wait to start our musical journey.(I'm good at coming up with cheesy cliché phrases)
The first band we saw was Wild Cub in the East Village Arts Club.
There was this one guy standing at the back who carried shouting "[play]Wish You Well"  and he wouldn't stop saying it until the band just finally changed the set list to please this one guy.My favourite song that they played was Thunder clatter , it featured an amazing set of drum solos:

Then me and Helaena walked down the road to Factory , where we saw Youth Man play.There wasn't very many people watching them , if there were like ten more people there would have totally been a mosh pit.The lead singer was so fab ,  she pretty much got lost in the music.

And then we finished up at The Shipping Forecast where we saw Jaws.It was a great venue because it was so intimate - we managed to get right at the front so we were practically touching them.

On the second day Helaena and I were joined by our other good friend , Iris.We spent the majority of the night at the Moon Mueseum.

First off were Beach Skulls, who only had a short time slot but still impressed with their nerdy surfer rock.I was kinda confused because I thought they were from Liverpool but they had weird fake-ish American accents so ...

Followed by Natalie McCool who did a beautiful cover of The Velvet Underground's Femme Fatale:

And then the Sugarmen.
Then we went down to Bold Street Coffee and listened to Yarbo.

Followed by Adam French at The Brink:

Le Couleur's lead singer was a tiny French woman who was running round the audience with a tambourine in Sound Food and Drink.There was such a good atmosphere in there , but we had to leave a little early to make sure that we didn't miss Superfood.

The most anticipated gig of the night was Superfood ,who played the East Village Arts Club , and they did not let us down.We got really close to the front and I loved it so much.I recorded a bunch of songs and took quite a few pictures.

Think I'll put the third day of Sound City in a separate post because I feel like I've been writing this forever.