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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Internalized Social Criteria

George Styler is a graduate from College of Textile Design, Technology and Management in Belgrade;who first came to my attention after seeing that he was listed as one of Fashion Scout's Ones to Watch.I was intrigued by his use of fabrics and colours as well as the highly specific and intricate details on his wonderfully decadent designs.
His pieces have been featured in many different magazines and media publications including Vogue,The Wild,Huf and Fashion Affair.His collections are " sociological studies expressed through fashion, where words and phrases are replaced by clothing of expressive communicative powers." 
I decided to get in touch with this exciting new designer and he kindly agreed to participate in this short interview.
George talks communicative powers ,rebellion and embracing the beauty of nature.

-Could you tell me about your latest collection , NetWork?

My latest collection explores various types of networks.  Some of them include the society we live in, or interconnection of cultures and customs in the modern society. I created a unique “net” by interlacing woolen yarns from different parts of the world. I connect traditional with contemporary -using the classic hand knitting combined with the latest weaving techniques.  My designs are a link between past and present,terrestrial and aquatic. They embrace beauty of nature that is, nowadays,somehow forgotten somewhere between hectic lifestyles and social networks.

-What's your favourite thing about working in fashion?

My favourite thing about working in fashion is taking part in creating something new. I’m also fascinated by the entire process involved. It’s an amazing feeling when you turn your sketches into reality. Then there is planning the fashion show, choosing the models and communicating with different people on a daily basis. It’s all very exciting for me.

-Was there any defining moment in your life that made you think,wow ,I've got to make clothes?

Ever since I was little, I loved to draw and paint. I created my first fashion illustration during primary school and began dressing myself. It was then that I realised that I really wanted to make clothes.

-What are your biggest influences to your work?

The biggest influence to my work is the world around me. I’ve travelled to many different places and have always felt inspired by the things I saw.My collections are sociological studies expressed through fashion, where words and phrases are replaced by clothing of expressive communicative powers.

-You've won a ton of awards , which award meant the most to you?

My biggest award was being chosen as the Ones to Watch Winner of the Season.

-Your collection "captivity" , made quite an impact , can you talk me through a couple of your favourite pieces?

My collection 'Captivity' is initiated by reflections on the existence of freedom of the modern man, his right to belong everywhere and to everyone, to move and speak freely, and to dress without restraint, yet still captivated by the freedom of his choices. 
This paradigm derivatives from the reality in which liberty is largely a declarative right, and We are increasingly captured by the modern society, new media,prejudices,internalized social criteria and externally-imposed anticipation.
I’m dealing with the questions of freedom through fashion design which includes elements of symbolic meaning. A bird is a symbol of freedom; but a cage could also be associated with freedom; the punk movement is a symbol of rebellion and nihilism; and decorative details of this collection represent  my opinion that the society wants the man to become a simple decoration - a decoration of the world which he believes he rules.

If you want to hear more about what this fabulous designer has to say go to  to watch his clothes go down the runway or read more about his background.
Thanks very much to George for helping me out with this interview,you'll definitely be hearing a lot about this guy in the future so keep your eyes peeled.