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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Postcards from Blackpool....interview with Carrie-Ann Stein!!!

Carrie-Ann Stein is a London based designer who creates fantastically beautiful and unique pieces that are enticing many in the industry , including Susie Bubble and the people of Elle magazine.Her graduate collection , "Postcards from Blackpool",is so unusually dreamy - with postcard silhouettes , neon shades and urban imagery. Carrie agreed to do an interview with me , which is pretty darn exciting, so with that , let us begin...

-Have you always been interested in fashion/art and is that something you've always wanted to do?

I was academic at school so I was channelled that way. Fortunately, my family are artistic: my dad experiments with painting, photography and modelling. My mum has always had a talent for interior design, in particular, with textile design; and my elder brother is an art dealer.

-How did you kick-start you career in fashion?

I was beginning to feel disillusioned with my job as a lawyer so I began to take short courses in sewing, pattern-cutting and design. This led to a 1-year foundation course at the London College of Fashion and then a BA in Fashion Design with Knit at Central Saint Martins College.

-What are your main influences to your designs?

I am inspired by the conceptual designs of Rei Kawakubo and the uplifting artworks of David Hockney. Working class life is the undercurrent that feeds my designs.

-Is there anyone who you would love to dress or to wear your pieces?

I wouId love to dress Grace Jones or Tracey Emin - women with a fearsome attitude.

-What are your plans for the future? 

My plans are to continue developing exciting prints and silhouettes.

-What kind of music do you listen to/movies do you watch/artists that you like?

 I listen to electronic music such as Metronomy and Daniel Avery and the experiments of Damon Albarn. I love to watch British comedies such as The Office, Granma's House, The Thick of It and The Royle Family. I am inspired by the works of David Hockney, Tracey Emin, Grayson Perry and Gabriel Orozco.

-Where is your favourite place to go?

My favourite place to go is home.

Thank you so much to Carrie-Ann for this interview!To find out more about this magnificent woman got to :

Oh and guys , I'm currently in love with this song , partially due to the fact that I've watched Nick & Norah's infinite playlist approximately 9 times over the past few months:


Thursday, 13 February 2014


I am now able to get into 15's at the cinema.Yes ,that's right I turned 15 a couple of weeks ago-I feel kind of old , but I'm looking forward to legally getting into 15 +rated movies.This makes me the same age as Max Fisher in Rushmore , Millie in Freaks and Geeks and the same age as Kate moss in the picture below.

lindsay kate moss 15 years old
So , the week before last I went to Crosby beach to see Antony Gormley's surreal installation of around hundred life-size cast iron men across the sea shore. Every time I see this art work, I think that it's not completely real : it kinda feels like a weird dream.It was a shame because when we got there the tide was in so you couldn't really see that many of the statues and it was really cold and windy , but the light was really pretty.In fact ,I spent the whole time taking pictures of the different light and how quickly it changed.

 (That's one of the iron men , not just some guy trying to reflect on life or something)

(If you look closely you can see one of the iron men half-way into the sea)

P.S - sorry if I took a picture and you're in it.