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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Cut it out!

Just when you think you know Christopher Kane he brings out another collection and surpasses all expectations, combining bold statement cut-out pieces , pretty dresses and slogan jumpers.
It was clear that it was heavily influenced by wild flowers.I really loved the versatility of this collection , some designs were simplistic & beautiful where others were bold & daring.

I thought that this dress was particularly interesting , with the intricately cut designs and  metallic soft mint fabric.Several pieces featured a cut-out -type design , of which I think will be repetitively copied by many of the  high street stores within a few months.

I thought that these jumpers were really pretty and looked delightful with the matching midi skirts.Though , I find that slogan jumpers are over worked , Kane adds another dimension to this seemingly tired trend.

My favourite few pieces used slogans , cut-outs ,embellishments AND intricate patterns , all thrown onto dresses that look fantastically romantic but with a certain edge.

I'm so in love with those last four dresses that I think that I might spontaneously combust.I look forward to seeing the high street's attempt at incorporating this rare beauty into their new designs.