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Sunday, 22 September 2013


On Saturday night I went on a ghost walk called "Shiverpool-Hope Street Shivers" with some of my most rockin' friends to celebrate Helaena's 15th birthday who is one of my bestest pals( I know that bestest isn't a word by the way , guys)! 
It was really good fun and at times pretty darn scary!Complete with chilling ghost stories based on facts, creepy tour guides jumping out in alleyways and lots of nervous laughter on our part.Thanks Helaena for a truly chilling evening that nearly left us crying ( that wasn't meant to be sarcastic)!I would really recommend it to anyone who's looking to go on a ghost walk in Liverpool - a genuinely scary night of fun!(quality bit of advertisement - but really, it's awesome)
Here's a few pics that I took during the tour:

Happy Birthday Helaena!