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Friday, 19 July 2013

Blend in

Hey you guyzz , sorry for the utter lack of posts but I just have been completely distracted by the super hot weather!I was just thinking how I haven't really spoken about any collections recently so I think I'll start doing some more posts about runway soon.
I've noticed the sheer volume of girls dubbed as "Hipsters" wearing camouflage print jackets , I know it's nothing new , in fact , it was most probably back in January when I first appreciated the popularity of the print.And until I saw Christopher Kane's A/W 13 collection , I wasn't exactly a fan.I love the way he interprets and transforms the world of fashion , he alwys keeps everyone guessing his next move. There is something so beautiful about that slate grey and ice white, fur trimmed coat that just pops on the runway.As well as the moody blue dress/coat with yet another lavishing of luxurious fur , not forgetting the heavily textured, over sized jacket in muddy greens,dull purples and pale blues.

It's definitely not the weather for these clothes though, but if I had the chance, I would wear them with such pride and joy in this baking heat...even if I did collapse of heat stroke.
I saw this on Twitter a while back and I found it rather amusing :
not being able to find all your mates because you're all wearing camouflage jackets