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Friday, 19 July 2013

Blend in

Hey you guyzz , sorry for the utter lack of posts but I just have been completely distracted by the super hot weather!I was just thinking how I haven't really spoken about any collections recently so I think I'll start doing some more posts about runway soon.
I've noticed the sheer volume of girls dubbed as "Hipsters" wearing camouflage print jackets , I know it's nothing new , in fact , it was most probably back in January when I first appreciated the popularity of the print.And until I saw Christopher Kane's A/W 13 collection , I wasn't exactly a fan.I love the way he interprets and transforms the world of fashion , he alwys keeps everyone guessing his next move. There is something so beautiful about that slate grey and ice white, fur trimmed coat that just pops on the runway.As well as the moody blue dress/coat with yet another lavishing of luxurious fur , not forgetting the heavily textured, over sized jacket in muddy greens,dull purples and pale blues.

It's definitely not the weather for these clothes though, but if I had the chance, I would wear them with such pride and joy in this baking heat...even if I did collapse of heat stroke.
I saw this on Twitter a while back and I found it rather amusing :
not being able to find all your mates because you're all wearing camouflage jackets

Monday, 1 July 2013

Interview avec REJINA PYO !!!

Rejina Pyo is a Korean born fashion designer based in London ,her work often incorporates modern architecture and sculpture with beautifully fluid fabrics.After graduating from MA fashion at Central Saint Martins ,Rejina was taken on by Roksanda IIincic and began work as her first assistant designer.A year later she left to work on a commission she received which was part of the Hans Nefkens award , she was also chosen to create a range of designs for Weekday that were based on her highly recognised CSM (Central Saint Martins ) MA show at London Fashion Week.As well as her designs being featured in the "ARRRGH!Monsters in Fashion" exhibition.
I was lucky enough to meet this highly talented designer at fashion week back in February,and several months later I asked Rejina if she would consider doing an interview with me for this little blog and she very kindly said yes!Thanks so much to Rejina for agreeing to do this interview , it is very much appreciated!I was really excited for her responses to my questions, and if you want to know what Rejina has to say about her award winning Central Saint Martins collection , her early ambitions or her response to that very important question Diamonds or Pearls? - then read on!

How does art influence your designs (and who are your favourite artists)?
I love simple abstract shapes and blocks of colours and also modern art and sculptures. Art is very close to my heart and I am always inspired by it. I love to look at art and study to know the idea behind them. I don’t have a ‘favourite’ artist but in my graduate collection at CSM I took inspiration from one of my favourite artwork, for example paintings by Ellsworth Kelly from the 50s and sculpture work from Isamu Noguchi.

 Do you have a favourite model or someone you'd really like to wear your designs?
 -I do not have a favourite but I admire all of those women that know who they are , quietly confident , effortlessly elegant.

It's clear how much time and energy goes into fashion collections -how did you go about creating your graduate collection at CSM? 
-The simple, primitive aesthetic and block colours of Ellsworth Kelly, and others like him, is what drove my collection. I wanted to achieve something that was elegant and unrestricted, which is why I chose those fabrics. The bright coloured silk (or fluids) and the linen, which gives a raw and organic look. I chose these two fabrics as the texture, weight and movement play against each other beautifully.

A lot of very talented individuals like yourself learn in CSM, was there any of rivalry/competition with so much flowing creative energy?
-Yes of course. It was very intense and competitive, full of passion and tears!

I heard that your mother worked in fashion as well - do you think that had an affect on your choice to go into fashion?
-Yes, my mum was a fashion designer when she was young (she’s now an interior designer & painter). From looking at her sketchbooks to wrapping myself in fabric and playing with it, fashion was just everywhere for me. I didn't have a point when I decided to become a fashion designer. It was more of a natural thing.
Quick fire question round:
Chocolate or ice cream?
Paris or New York?
Neons or Pastels?
  Depends on how I feel!
Daisies or Daffodils?
Princesses or Unicorns?
Miu Miu or Prada?
Floral or Animal print?
Pizza or Sushi?
Diamonds or Pearls?
  Together! :)
Below are some of Rejina's beautiful Spring/Summer 2013 designs.
Kate ( the reason I'm putting my name here rather than right at the end as always ,is because the text at the bottom has gone weird  on blogger and it's all very confusing , so..)