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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Bon Anniversaire!

I feel like I haven't written for ages and for that I am truly sorry...I've just been so busy procrastinating about revising for my end of year exams-but I've done them all now , so it's all good.
The 3rd of June was the first anniversary of my blog!Happy Birthday to my little space on the internet!
If you look back at my first posts you can see how different they are to the rest of my posts- at first I tried to tell people what to wear but then I realised ,that I , personally wouldn't really get excited about being told what to wear , so neither would people who read this blog. You can see the transformation of my writing style as well as things that I write about and interest I've definitely been inspired by other bloggers ( a lot of them are listed in my blog roll) and new fashion sites/on-line magazines ( Rookie , The Muse TV ) and I have them all to thank for helping me realise what I want to do with my blog. And of course , thanks to all of you beautiful , beautiful people who actually bother to read my ramblings- because with you guys I probably would've given up almost straight away!
Here are a few pictures and some music, pretty much completely irrelevant,but I think it's important to have some kind of pretty decoration - enjoy!