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Friday, 19 April 2013

In the quiet calm of winter woodland landscapes

I know that has literally been months since fashion week , but I still haven't written about the Maria Grachvogel show ; not for any real reason,other than being (sort of) busy, but now I have, so there! 
With sleek designs, botanical prints and pops of bright colour ,Maria Grachvogel's A/W13 collection was a very commercial show which featured a lot of very well made designs.Some pieces I really loved and thought were wonderfully unique but others I felt lacked a certain bit of pazazz ( if that's a word)  

Mustard is such a beautiful colour , I think it really pops on the runway , the extended shoulders of this garment gave me a sort of 80's vibe. I've just noticed that a woman at the side is also sporting bright yellow and now when  look at this picture all I can see is the woman with that jacket!

These almost rust red and murky blue dresses let me down a little , purely because of how safe they were.Maria has previously put out far more daring collections than this.

Another thing that I loved about this show was the shoes! There is just something about those sky high red , cream or black wedges that I simply adored - shoes by Atalanta Weller for Maria Grachvogel , London.

 These next two dresses are so delightful and silky - they're just so princessy - and I LOVE that!

This collection was inspired by "the quiet calm of winter woodland landscapes" and you can see that the most through the picture below ; the tree branches on this photographic print are emphasised onto this loose satiny fabric.

The whole show oozed luxury , but it's highlighted on this final piece : as subtle accents of gold catch the bright light of the runway.

I think that the Juno soundtrack is really amazing and have literally been listening to it none stop all week  , I've only attached some of my fave songs but there are a few more ( they're really easy to find) :