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Monday, 1 April 2013


At the moment there is a real big hype around nail art - and at the Eugene Lin A/W13 show I received a delightful freebie :  ImPRESS , a press on manicure , of which, I was really impressed with (har de har har)
Usually , I'm not overly fussed with nail art , I occasionally paint my nails but I've never bothered with such a thing as this - they were surprisingly easy to apply and have lasted perfectly well.I don't know how long I have spent admiring my now beautiful nails , but I would say that it was probably just as long as the running time for Dances with Wolves ( in case you didn't know , Dances with Wolves is an awesome and particularly long film ,hence the comparison) Now , that I think of it , I really like that film , I'll probably write a post about it soon.
The pics below feature three rings , the first is from Camden Market , the second is a second hand Tiffany's ring (oooohhh) and the third is from Great Homer Street Market.

You should listen to this :
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