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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Decades apart

The 60's is a real source of inspiration for me , I love The Ronettes, Beehives and Mod Eye Makeup.
 I had never done mod eye makeup before , but I'd always wanted to, so I made my best attempt and took pics of the results. Emily , one of ma bestie's , lent me her face , so that I could cover her eye lids in white , grey and brown eye shadow as well as a thick coating of jet black eye liner. If you want to learn how to do more authentic mod eyes , I would recommend the tutorial on the Rookie website.

Niamh , another of ma bestie's ,also allowed me to borrow her face in order to try out makeup - this time my source of inspiration was the eighties mixed with the latest catwalk trend : aqua eyes. I really like blue eye shadow , it's so bright , bold and sort of trashy.Yet, I very rarely wear it myself , in fact , the only makeup I tend to wear is black eyeliner. Niamh suits bright eye shadow, and it was unsurprisingly easy - all I did to get this result was use a basic blue shadow base with a sparkly blue gel liner distributed across the lash line.