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Tuesday, 30 April 2013


So if  you read Shout Mag then you might have noticed me in the shout's most stylish section ; they took my picture after the Eugene Lin show and it was so nice that they put me in their magazine! 

  I have some more exciting news - I'm now writing for The Muse TV , my first article about Cara Delevingne  is now published! Yay! Here's the link :

Seeing the sun has begun to come out from behind the clouds , here's some music to put a spring in your step!


Monday, 22 April 2013


The world of modelling is often perceived as a bunch of back stabbing , attention seeking women who are willing to climb over any one of her fellow models for a chance at the top.
But the friendship between Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn proves that they're not all fame seeking maniacs , although some models blatantly are , but anyway I think that it's really cool that these two amazing models are friends!
This all sounds so sappy and cutesy and I guess it kind of is, but they are both fabulous models bursting with personality unlike some of those emotionless drones you see ( yeah , I went there)

They also did a Harlem Shake, with another model, Rosie Tapner :


Friday, 19 April 2013

In the quiet calm of winter woodland landscapes

I know that has literally been months since fashion week , but I still haven't written about the Maria Grachvogel show ; not for any real reason,other than being (sort of) busy, but now I have, so there! 
With sleek designs, botanical prints and pops of bright colour ,Maria Grachvogel's A/W13 collection was a very commercial show which featured a lot of very well made designs.Some pieces I really loved and thought were wonderfully unique but others I felt lacked a certain bit of pazazz ( if that's a word)  

Mustard is such a beautiful colour , I think it really pops on the runway , the extended shoulders of this garment gave me a sort of 80's vibe. I've just noticed that a woman at the side is also sporting bright yellow and now when  look at this picture all I can see is the woman with that jacket!

These almost rust red and murky blue dresses let me down a little , purely because of how safe they were.Maria has previously put out far more daring collections than this.

Another thing that I loved about this show was the shoes! There is just something about those sky high red , cream or black wedges that I simply adored - shoes by Atalanta Weller for Maria Grachvogel , London.

 These next two dresses are so delightful and silky - they're just so princessy - and I LOVE that!

This collection was inspired by "the quiet calm of winter woodland landscapes" and you can see that the most through the picture below ; the tree branches on this photographic print are emphasised onto this loose satiny fabric.

The whole show oozed luxury , but it's highlighted on this final piece : as subtle accents of gold catch the bright light of the runway.

I think that the Juno soundtrack is really amazing and have literally been listening to it none stop all week  , I've only attached some of my fave songs but there are a few more ( they're really easy to find) :


Sunday, 7 April 2013

Decades apart

The 60's is a real source of inspiration for me , I love The Ronettes, Beehives and Mod Eye Makeup.
 I had never done mod eye makeup before , but I'd always wanted to, so I made my best attempt and took pics of the results. Emily , one of ma bestie's , lent me her face , so that I could cover her eye lids in white , grey and brown eye shadow as well as a thick coating of jet black eye liner. If you want to learn how to do more authentic mod eyes , I would recommend the tutorial on the Rookie website.

Niamh , another of ma bestie's ,also allowed me to borrow her face in order to try out makeup - this time my source of inspiration was the eighties mixed with the latest catwalk trend : aqua eyes. I really like blue eye shadow , it's so bright , bold and sort of trashy.Yet, I very rarely wear it myself , in fact , the only makeup I tend to wear is black eyeliner. Niamh suits bright eye shadow, and it was unsurprisingly easy - all I did to get this result was use a basic blue shadow base with a sparkly blue gel liner distributed across the lash line.


Wednesday, 3 April 2013

This is Miss

My super cool cousin, Joana Kelly , from THIS IS MISS, tells us about finally becoming a New Yorker , unusual photography and scanning her face to create wondrous prints. I have never interviewed someone on my blog before but  I'm hoping to do it more often - enjoy!

1.This question is difficult, but, briefly, how would you describe yourself as a person?
This year marks my tenth anniversary of living in New York, so I can finally describe myself as a New Yorker! 

2.What makes you take a photograph of something?
I'll take a photograph of something that I find striking or beautiful. I'm a fan of Instagram, so I also take photos of things I think my friends will enjoy—something funny or unusual. 

3.How did you come up with the idea to make those amazing prints with hair and teeth?
Those prints are from my MFA thesis, titled "I am at the same time." I've always been intrigued by how photography shapes the viewer's perception of the subject, so I wanted to do a series of self portraits as a project. Is there a way to be show your true self in an image? I ended up scanning myself—my hair, my teeth, and even my eyes (Do not try that. It's a good way to blind yourself.)—and I tiled the images to make a repeating pattern. I wanted the images to be intimately and uniquely me, but I made something quite abstract and anonymous in the end. 

4.What music do you like to listen to? 
A bit of everything, but my favorite is Motown. The Supremes are the best. 

5.Who is your style icon?
Sofia Coppola  

6.What do you like to do with your spare time?
I post images and articles I like to my blog,

7.What is your must have piece ( of clothing / something you wear  lot)?
Blue or black jeans are definitely a wardrobe staple.

8.Who is your favourite actor/singer/artist/designer etc.?
Sophie Calle and Tim Hawkinson are my favorite artists. I like Steven Alan and Isabel Marant as designers. I'm more fickle about actors and singers.

9.At the moment , what is your favourite film?
My favorite film at the moment is Beginners

10.Have you always liked photography?
Yes! I've always liked the immediacy of photography, even when you used to have to wait to get the rolls of film developed. I've always loved that you can press a button and capture a moment.  

11.Do you have any hidden talents?
I can fold most things into a rather jaunty paper hat. 

12.What magazines/blogs do you read?
I read so many blogs! My favorites at the moment in no particular order:
It's Nice That
The Jealous Curator
Man Repeller
A Shopaholic's Vision! 
Swiss Miss
Tomboy Style
The Neotraditionalist
The Sartorialist
and so many more!
Below , is some of her photography . 

"I am at the same time" - these are those amazing prints which she used her teeth,eyes and hair to create.


So,I hope you liked that quick insight into Joana Kelly's world , but if you want to find out more about her or her photography visit : THIS IS MISS 
I would like to thank Joana for doing this intervview with me and for telling me all about her fabulous photography!

Monday, 1 April 2013


At the moment there is a real big hype around nail art - and at the Eugene Lin A/W13 show I received a delightful freebie :  ImPRESS , a press on manicure , of which, I was really impressed with (har de har har)
Usually , I'm not overly fussed with nail art , I occasionally paint my nails but I've never bothered with such a thing as this - they were surprisingly easy to apply and have lasted perfectly well.I don't know how long I have spent admiring my now beautiful nails , but I would say that it was probably just as long as the running time for Dances with Wolves ( in case you didn't know , Dances with Wolves is an awesome and particularly long film ,hence the comparison) Now , that I think of it , I really like that film , I'll probably write a post about it soon.
The pics below feature three rings , the first is from Camden Market , the second is a second hand Tiffany's ring (oooohhh) and the third is from Great Homer Street Market.

You should listen to this :
I would love to hear what you think , simply comment in the box below.