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Thursday, 28 March 2013

This is Costelloe

I had a fresh and potentially blog-destroying idea .Seeing as my Dad took me to all of the shows at fashion week , I decided to ask him to write about what he thought about the Paul Costelloe  catwalk presentation , and he accepted- I was expecting him to write something ridiculous and/or embarrassing , but to be fair , it's actually really quite good. The pictures below were taken by me and the poetic words are written by my Father : enjoy!

Visit Scotland.Visit Ireland.Visit Wales.Visit certain parts of England with hills and mountains. Visit Russia.Visit Sweden.Visit Iceland ( avoiding horse meat!)Visit Canada.Visit anywhere cold and not too snowy.
Go on long , breezy country walks , visit an amber lit pub with a roaring log fire , devour  a hearty steak and ale pie.Think hot buttered toast and freshly baked bread.
Think Rolls Royce and Bentley with the swagger of Ferrari red.Teddy bear beige and knitting pattern blues.
Think the famous Glasgow Celtic beating a beautifully balanced Barcelona.
This , all of this, is class , style , warmth and beauty.This is symmetry and perfection.Order and flair.Beautifully crafted.Ripe.
This is talent.This is experience.This is expertise.This is Costelloe.This is Paul Costelloe.

 I hope you weren't too offended at the fact that the word swagger was used in that poem.And if you didn't really understand what he was getting at then I'll happily explain: he was describing it as a sort of holiday brochure for Celtic countries but I think that the end sounded a little like and advert for M&S!
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