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Friday, 8 March 2013

Long time no see

Woah! Its been ages since my last post , you see I've been in hospital, ( that's your queue to say aw), to have surgery on my back, ( your queue for a concerned gasp) ,but I'm recovering now and pretty much back to normal ( your queue for a reassured phew-type-noise) Another terrible thing has happened and I currently cannot upload my photos from fashion week  , but I promise that posts about the shows at LFW will be near approaching , when I can rant on about Eugene Lin , Osman , Paul Costelloe and Maria Grachvogel.
Anyway , its International Women's day today - whoop whoop , girl power and all that! So,here are some of what I think to be some of the world's most influential and/or inspiring women.
Michelle Obama - first lady of America
 Aung San Suu Kyi - political activist
 Coco Chanel - fashion designer extraordinaire
J.K Rowling - highly successful author
Lady Gaga - sporting a far more toned down and all together more natural look
 Karen Brady - business woman
 Oprah Winfrey - TV personality
 Rosa Parks - black rights activist
Susie Bubble- super blogger
 Stella McCartney - designer
Mother Teresa -  Nobel peace prize winner
Vivienne Westwood- fashion designer with a whole lot of personality
 Georgia O'Keeffe - artist
Emmeline Pankhurst - Women's rights activist
 Tavi Gevinson - Teen blogger and feminist
 Helen Keller  - lecturer and author
Meryl Streep -  Hollywood actress
Malala Yousafzai- the inspiring girl who fought for her right to have an education.
Marilyn Monroe - singer and actress
  Grace Coddington - creative director of American Vogue
Marie Curie - famous scientist and two time Nobel peace prize winner.
 Anna Wintour - current editor-in-chief at American Vogue
Audrey Hepburn - stylish actress and charity worker

There are so many inspiring and influential women , so those were just a few , and there is a real mix , some obviously made more of an impact than others, but I feel that they have all influenced in some way the way we live today. I'd love to hear who you think are the most influential / inspiring women , so please comment below!