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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Better late than never

Eugene Lin's A/W13 show at fashion scout was filled with suspense , embellished coats and strong dramatic makeup.I felt that there was real tension as the models walked down the runway to the shocking sounds of gunshots , I think that the show was a bold statement to today's culture - where violence surrounds us. Apologies for the lack of good quality photographs and the vast majority of the pics feature either a beanie or a pink hair band.The showstopper for me was the structured maroon coat adorned with gold coins ( third from the bottom ) 
The makeup was enough to envy a typical raccoon , I don't even mean that to be an insult either!Overall , I think that the show itself was fantastic , but unfortunately the clothes were upstaged by the music and lighting.I feel bad saying that because I really loved the physical show and I think that Eugene is an extremely talented designer and that we will be most definitely hearing about him in the future , but for me the clothes just didn't have the same impact as the general atmosphere! 

I know that its been a while since my last post - ah well - sorry about that!And if you happen to be feeling super emotional about the lack of posts , then here is a song to make you feel a little better:
(please feel free to dance like Napoleon Dynamite ,after all , it is like pretty much his song-gosh!)