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Thursday, 28 March 2013

This is Costelloe

I had a fresh and potentially blog-destroying idea .Seeing as my Dad took me to all of the shows at fashion week , I decided to ask him to write about what he thought about the Paul Costelloe  catwalk presentation , and he accepted- I was expecting him to write something ridiculous and/or embarrassing , but to be fair , it's actually really quite good. The pictures below were taken by me and the poetic words are written by my Father : enjoy!

Visit Scotland.Visit Ireland.Visit Wales.Visit certain parts of England with hills and mountains. Visit Russia.Visit Sweden.Visit Iceland ( avoiding horse meat!)Visit Canada.Visit anywhere cold and not too snowy.
Go on long , breezy country walks , visit an amber lit pub with a roaring log fire , devour  a hearty steak and ale pie.Think hot buttered toast and freshly baked bread.
Think Rolls Royce and Bentley with the swagger of Ferrari red.Teddy bear beige and knitting pattern blues.
Think the famous Glasgow Celtic beating a beautifully balanced Barcelona.
This , all of this, is class , style , warmth and beauty.This is symmetry and perfection.Order and flair.Beautifully crafted.Ripe.
This is talent.This is experience.This is expertise.This is Costelloe.This is Paul Costelloe.

 I hope you weren't too offended at the fact that the word swagger was used in that poem.And if you didn't really understand what he was getting at then I'll happily explain: he was describing it as a sort of holiday brochure for Celtic countries but I think that the end sounded a little like and advert for M&S!
On a final note , I would just like to ask you to consider voting for my blog in the company blogger awards - the category I'm in is under 18 , just click on the link  below to vote - thanks!

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Snow in March?

You heard it right , it's supposedly spring and its snowing - that's global warming for you . And if you don't want it to snow during march again , then you should really consider taking part in WWF's World Earth Hour , tonight at 8.30 , switch off your lights for just one hour. Well , I'm not sure if that will stop the snow , but its worth a try - I know that I will be switching off , just like I have been for the past 3 or 4 years .Check out the official website and sign up because its not too late - people all over the world will be saving energy tonight and you can join them!


Sunday, 17 March 2013

Better late than never

Eugene Lin's A/W13 show at fashion scout was filled with suspense , embellished coats and strong dramatic makeup.I felt that there was real tension as the models walked down the runway to the shocking sounds of gunshots , I think that the show was a bold statement to today's culture - where violence surrounds us. Apologies for the lack of good quality photographs and the vast majority of the pics feature either a beanie or a pink hair band.The showstopper for me was the structured maroon coat adorned with gold coins ( third from the bottom ) 
The makeup was enough to envy a typical raccoon , I don't even mean that to be an insult either!Overall , I think that the show itself was fantastic , but unfortunately the clothes were upstaged by the music and lighting.I feel bad saying that because I really loved the physical show and I think that Eugene is an extremely talented designer and that we will be most definitely hearing about him in the future , but for me the clothes just didn't have the same impact as the general atmosphere! 

I know that its been a while since my last post - ah well - sorry about that!And if you happen to be feeling super emotional about the lack of posts , then here is a song to make you feel a little better:
(please feel free to dance like Napoleon Dynamite ,after all , it is like pretty much his song-gosh!)


Friday, 8 March 2013

Long time no see

Woah! Its been ages since my last post , you see I've been in hospital, ( that's your queue to say aw), to have surgery on my back, ( your queue for a concerned gasp) ,but I'm recovering now and pretty much back to normal ( your queue for a reassured phew-type-noise) Another terrible thing has happened and I currently cannot upload my photos from fashion week  , but I promise that posts about the shows at LFW will be near approaching , when I can rant on about Eugene Lin , Osman , Paul Costelloe and Maria Grachvogel.
Anyway , its International Women's day today - whoop whoop , girl power and all that! So,here are some of what I think to be some of the world's most influential and/or inspiring women.
Michelle Obama - first lady of America
 Aung San Suu Kyi - political activist
 Coco Chanel - fashion designer extraordinaire
J.K Rowling - highly successful author
Lady Gaga - sporting a far more toned down and all together more natural look
 Karen Brady - business woman
 Oprah Winfrey - TV personality
 Rosa Parks - black rights activist
Susie Bubble- super blogger
 Stella McCartney - designer
Mother Teresa -  Nobel peace prize winner
Vivienne Westwood- fashion designer with a whole lot of personality
 Georgia O'Keeffe - artist
Emmeline Pankhurst - Women's rights activist
 Tavi Gevinson - Teen blogger and feminist
 Helen Keller  - lecturer and author
Meryl Streep -  Hollywood actress
Malala Yousafzai- the inspiring girl who fought for her right to have an education.
Marilyn Monroe - singer and actress
  Grace Coddington - creative director of American Vogue
Marie Curie - famous scientist and two time Nobel peace prize winner.
 Anna Wintour - current editor-in-chief at American Vogue
Audrey Hepburn - stylish actress and charity worker

There are so many inspiring and influential women , so those were just a few , and there is a real mix , some obviously made more of an impact than others, but I feel that they have all influenced in some way the way we live today. I'd love to hear who you think are the most influential / inspiring women , so please comment below!