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Monday, 4 February 2013

Isa Arfen

I'm speaking to you now as a 14 year old and I really don't feel any different , but I felt obliged to tell you that I'm now a year older for some reason.Anyway , I want to show you this amazing new designer I came across at ElleUK : Isa Arfen.
Isa Arfen is a new label based in London with its quirky suits , dreamy skirts and elegant blouses.The genius behind this new label  is Central Saint Martin's graduate , Serafina Sama , who was brought up in Italy.She promotes a certain effortless glamour and sophistication which is rarely achievable by an average designer.
(pictures from Isa Arfen )

I love this silk emerald suit and the unusual "mullet" shirt, as well as those uber cool shades that I would willingly wear in foggy weather just because they're so awesome.It kind of reminds me of a leprechaun type outfit , but strangely , not necessarily in a bad way. 

I really adore this black (or is it really dark green?) mac.The model just looks so nonchalantly stylish in such beautiful clothes.The coat sort of reminds me of The Matrix but I won't hold that against it just because it's so nice.

Listen to this song , it rocks ( I love using cliches )