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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Awesome people, wearing Awesome clothes, just generally being Awesome

There were so many awesome people wearing awesome clothes and just generally being awesome at fashion week , some of them I was lucky enough to meet , like, Holly Rivers a colourful fashionista bursting with creative energy , who also happened to be filming for welsh TV , oh and her clothes are crazily amazing!(I briefly featured her in my street style post and I've used the same picture-sorry)

 P'trique is an amazing cross -dressing american who I met at the Eugene Lin show on Monday , he's fabulously hilarious and I'm aware that he is on ANTM ( short for America's Next Top Model - duh!) and anyway he is "totes amaze!"

It wasn't just P'Trique that I met at the Eugene Lin show , no , I met Eugene himself after the show , he seemed incredibly busy yet very down to earth and happy to take pictures.(by the way pictures taken by my Dad -thanks for helping me out!)

Eugene was one of three designers that I managed to get a photo with ; the second was Paul Costelloe and the third Maria Grachvogel.I'll blog about the fashion shows that I went to over the next few days,but at the moment I'm exhausted after the fashion-packed week that has just passed.

Here is a video of P'Trique with Tyra that I found :

LFW:Street Style

Walking around Somerset House , these past few days , I cannot help but admire people for wearing such outlandish yet beautiful clothes , and I love the diversity of outfits on show: they ranged from Pirates of the Caribbean-chic to clashing colourful knits to rainbow explosion.
I had to take pictures; the vast majority of them where taken whilst the person in question wasn't looking , sorry about  that , but I think that it often looks better than a straight faced - hands on hips - diva pose! So , enjoy:


Friday, 15 February 2013


Yesterday , I was lucky enough to have won tickets to the Mary Katrantzou preview event , which was absolutely incredible , seeing as it was my first real experience at a fashion show.I did take photographs of the show but I have to admit that they're not of the best quality and a lot of them feature the backs of  peoples heads , ah well! The best part is that at the end I had the chance to take pictures on the runway- putting on my best serious model face and I can only hope that I pulled off the classic hands on hips pose!

 So , now I know what it feels like to be a model , speaking of models - on my way out of Somerset House , I saw one of the models that had been in the show and was then as quick as a flash on the move. Actually ,now that I think if it , that sounds a bit stalker-ish .....

Anyway , as a final note, I would just like to thank my Godmother and all of her friends for helping me to win those tickets , as well as my Mum who took me and that I'm still super-duper excited for the rest of LFW, oh and don't worry because I'll do a really long post about it at the end of the week!