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Thursday, 3 January 2013

New Year Predictions

 Hey guys,just realised its technically been a year since my last post- its crazy really , isn't it?Anyway, I've decided to make a short compilation of images of which I think will be predominant during 2013 : some of these pics are of people , designers , prints etc.
(I don't own any of these images - full credit to owners)

Meadham Kirchhoff - that crazy pair of designers , if you haven't heard of them , then Google them for goodness sake!

Record Players - totes vintage awesome!
Tie Dye - its too groovy to handle
Louise Gray - though already popular , I think that her designs will be even more talked about.
Monsters Inc. - cannot contain my excitement for the release of this film!
Elle Fanning - Super 8 Actress and fashion enthusiast
70's Wallpaper
Nick Grimshaw - Radio 1 DJ and bezzie mates with Alexa Chung
Ginger bread houses - with thanks to the Great British Bake off !
The return of Hats - you're head won't be able to escape from them.
Royal Stewart Tartan and Tartan just in general
[Courtesy of Scotland Shop Tartan,]
The revival of that amazing 60's girl group - The Ronettes
Zooey Deschanel - Star of New Girl and model
Beards - for some reason , I mean , mustaches made it big time in 2012 so who knows what lies for facial in 2013
Jameela Jamil - the new fashion it girl , move over Alexa!
Jade Thompson - BNTM winner I just have a hunch that her career will take off.

 Yeah , so just a quick prediction but there are more posts to come!