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Monday, 21 January 2013

I'm watching you , Loser

At first glance, this post seems completely opposite to the previous one " I feel pretty.." , to be honest this is just completely out of the blue , purely due to the fact that I felt like drawing an eye and writing about Beck,very briefly.
Firstly, the eye is just a doodle really very loosely based on the Roy Lichtenstein picture below. I drew this for no apparent reason what so ever , I'm just pleased that I can sort of draw an eye and write " I'm watching you" in blue-I'm practically a genius!

And then there was Beck.
The epic 90's singer who brought us amazing songs like "Loser" ( in case you haven't realised this explains the title) and once again , I do not know why I decided to include this ,but lately I've been listening to this song loads.So yeah, if you hate Beck or something ,then well ,um,deal with it.
Oh yeah and on a final note, I'm still trying to get my hands on some tickets for London Fashion Week , so if anyone can help me out it would be much appreciated!