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Sunday, 20 January 2013

I Feel Pretty...

Hey you guyzz , I feel like I haven't written a post for ages - I've just been sooo busy making multiple snowmen and sliding down an icy slope on a piece of red plastic for the past few days.... yeah , sorry about that.Anyway , even though the ROOKIE YEARBOOK has been out for like ages , I just thought to share with those of you who aren't not yet aware of  its existence and give you a brief insight into Rookie as a collective.

  • Uber cool  online magazine for teenage girls.
  • All about the power of feminism!!!
  • They write about pretty much everything and anything!
  • It was created by Tavi Gevinson who is now the editor in chief.
  • Oh , and , yeah its called Rookie , obviously.
I also decided to be super-duper original by taking pictures of the book - its ingenious , I know! I just really love the way its laid out and all the pretty colours and  pretty patterns : its so pretty!

I think that the prettiness of the ROOKIE YEARBOOK is captured really very well in the song below :
I suppose that was a very brief insight into Rookie but its still sort of snowy outside so i'm just gonna go back to being distracted! 
P.S - if you want to know a bit more than that then visit their website : ROOKIE