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Sunday, 27 January 2013

I could like, totally, be a poet!

Paolo Roversi is currently my favorite fashion photographer.His photographs are dreamy and inviting , he tells a story capable of a million words in one,single picture : you can feel the drama and the tension behind the lens , the mystery , the beauty , the passion...   
... wow! for a second there , I went all poetic and philosophical! So, anyway , Paolo Roveresi actually is currently my favourite photographer , I was just being all weird and dramatic for effect ; I just can't get over how amazing his photos are! He's photographed the likes of Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss and yet he's managed to leave his signature on every picture , that sort of hazy , warn out look.I stumbled over a website dedicated to Paolos's photography called :http://f*** - some people are a little over enthusiastic and apologies for the swears.Despite , the unnecessary use of swearing in the web address it has a bunch of breathtaking photographs of which you could look at for hours , but I just selected a few of my favourites.
(full credit to owner)

 Don't you just love his photography ? He's such a legend ! I managed to find an interview with Paolo on YouTube :

Oh and also just because I think its awesome : I discovered that The Jam did a theme for Batman - how awesome is that???