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Friday, 11 January 2013


I'm so happy I've managed to upload my pics  , its a real relief- phew! Anyway, I bought a fabulous pair of floral print pants from Topshop in the sale and I love them , they're versatile and you can literally wear them with everything and anything.
The January sales can be quite the battlefield though, especially in Topshop , some people act like some kinds of deranged , merciless warriors tearing down any non-sale items in their path - its crazy! Luckily, I avoided the rush this time without some psychopath shopper on my back looking for the best buys and for a second time,  phew! And don't even get me started on the sales in Primark , I mean, they're practically giving away their clothes , no wonder its so busy! I did mange to find a futuristic , rose -quartz -look ring and a silver jagged necklace ,  which I love because of its tarnished look.
With the trousers I did two different looks : one outdoorsy look and one more sort of  insidey look.For look no.1 I teamed the floral pants with a white polo neck and tarnished jagged necklace, brown penny loafers a matching brown fedora and a grey-ish denim jacket (I did not intend to look like a demon child on the last picture ...ah , well ) 

 Then, for look no.2 , I ditched the fedora, penny loafers and denim jacket and swapped in a pair of nude kitten heels and the futuristic style ring (which is exclusively Primani ) :

I've been trying to get tickets to London Fashion Week but I've had no replies - huff! I suppose I'll get a reply eventually , I just really don't want to miss out, seeing how well the London Men's Collection has been going this week , suppose it just adds to the buildup of the whole event!Oh , and yet another brilliant dance - worthy- song ,  by a band called Bleached :