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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A Charming man with a Glass Heart who Fought the Law and went his Own Way...

For those of you who haven't noticed the hints in the title , this post is about music.
Music by The Smiths , Blondie , The Clash and Fleetwood Mac - some of my faves bands who I think are really groovy/amazing/awesome/charming ( see what I did there - I'm a comical genius)
Check out the music vids below:

For any Fleetwood Mac fans who didn't already know that the Rumours 35th anniversary album is coming out to buy - yay! 
I'm super duper excited for LFW , which is just around the corner - double yay!
To be honest , I probably should have included David Bowie somehow into the title but I can't really be bothered , I'll post about him some other time, it's only like half seven or something , but I'm tired , so , um , bye.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

I could like, totally, be a poet!

Paolo Roversi is currently my favorite fashion photographer.His photographs are dreamy and inviting , he tells a story capable of a million words in one,single picture : you can feel the drama and the tension behind the lens , the mystery , the beauty , the passion...   
... wow! for a second there , I went all poetic and philosophical! So, anyway , Paolo Roveresi actually is currently my favourite photographer , I was just being all weird and dramatic for effect ; I just can't get over how amazing his photos are! He's photographed the likes of Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss and yet he's managed to leave his signature on every picture , that sort of hazy , warn out look.I stumbled over a website dedicated to Paolos's photography called :http://f*** - some people are a little over enthusiastic and apologies for the swears.Despite , the unnecessary use of swearing in the web address it has a bunch of breathtaking photographs of which you could look at for hours , but I just selected a few of my favourites.
(full credit to owner)

 Don't you just love his photography ? He's such a legend ! I managed to find an interview with Paolo on YouTube :

Oh and also just because I think its awesome : I discovered that The Jam did a theme for Batman - how awesome is that???


Monday, 21 January 2013

I'm watching you , Loser

At first glance, this post seems completely opposite to the previous one " I feel pretty.." , to be honest this is just completely out of the blue , purely due to the fact that I felt like drawing an eye and writing about Beck,very briefly.
Firstly, the eye is just a doodle really very loosely based on the Roy Lichtenstein picture below. I drew this for no apparent reason what so ever , I'm just pleased that I can sort of draw an eye and write " I'm watching you" in blue-I'm practically a genius!

And then there was Beck.
The epic 90's singer who brought us amazing songs like "Loser" ( in case you haven't realised this explains the title) and once again , I do not know why I decided to include this ,but lately I've been listening to this song loads.So yeah, if you hate Beck or something ,then well ,um,deal with it.
Oh yeah and on a final note, I'm still trying to get my hands on some tickets for London Fashion Week , so if anyone can help me out it would be much appreciated!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

I Feel Pretty...

Hey you guyzz , I feel like I haven't written a post for ages - I've just been sooo busy making multiple snowmen and sliding down an icy slope on a piece of red plastic for the past few days.... yeah , sorry about that.Anyway , even though the ROOKIE YEARBOOK has been out for like ages , I just thought to share with those of you who aren't not yet aware of  its existence and give you a brief insight into Rookie as a collective.

  • Uber cool  online magazine for teenage girls.
  • All about the power of feminism!!!
  • They write about pretty much everything and anything!
  • It was created by Tavi Gevinson who is now the editor in chief.
  • Oh , and , yeah its called Rookie , obviously.
I also decided to be super-duper original by taking pictures of the book - its ingenious , I know! I just really love the way its laid out and all the pretty colours and  pretty patterns : its so pretty!

I think that the prettiness of the ROOKIE YEARBOOK is captured really very well in the song below :
I suppose that was a very brief insight into Rookie but its still sort of snowy outside so i'm just gonna go back to being distracted! 
P.S - if you want to know a bit more than that then visit their website : ROOKIE

Friday, 11 January 2013


I'm so happy I've managed to upload my pics  , its a real relief- phew! Anyway, I bought a fabulous pair of floral print pants from Topshop in the sale and I love them , they're versatile and you can literally wear them with everything and anything.
The January sales can be quite the battlefield though, especially in Topshop , some people act like some kinds of deranged , merciless warriors tearing down any non-sale items in their path - its crazy! Luckily, I avoided the rush this time without some psychopath shopper on my back looking for the best buys and for a second time,  phew! And don't even get me started on the sales in Primark , I mean, they're practically giving away their clothes , no wonder its so busy! I did mange to find a futuristic , rose -quartz -look ring and a silver jagged necklace ,  which I love because of its tarnished look.
With the trousers I did two different looks : one outdoorsy look and one more sort of  insidey look.For look no.1 I teamed the floral pants with a white polo neck and tarnished jagged necklace, brown penny loafers a matching brown fedora and a grey-ish denim jacket (I did not intend to look like a demon child on the last picture ...ah , well ) 

 Then, for look no.2 , I ditched the fedora, penny loafers and denim jacket and swapped in a pair of nude kitten heels and the futuristic style ring (which is exclusively Primani ) :

I've been trying to get tickets to London Fashion Week but I've had no replies - huff! I suppose I'll get a reply eventually , I just really don't want to miss out, seeing how well the London Men's Collection has been going this week , suppose it just adds to the buildup of the whole event!Oh , and yet another brilliant dance - worthy- song ,  by a band called Bleached :


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Dance More , Like its your Birthday

Apologies for the lack of decent posts lately , I've dozens of photos that I want to share with you guys but a currently cannot upload any pics to my computer - I know , it's frustrating! I just wanted to let you all know that I'm not abandoning my blog or anything so , yeah PANIC OVER!
On a different note , its K-Middy's birthday today - hoorah! I was reading a fabulous article on ElleUK about gifts that they would deem fit for a  princess on her birthday.I particularly loved the Lanvin Russian dolls - Russian dolls themselves are typically cutesy but Lanvin's take on the Russian doll is just so much edgier.And if you don't believe me then take a look for yourself:
I also found this A-mazing song when flicking through the Rookie Yearbook   ( they have different playlists written in it for different occasions) , I'll explain the Rookie Yearbook in a different post as soon as I figure out how to upload my photos! OK , so its called Dance More by The Dogs , its one of the songs which makes you want to dance, so get your hairbrush ready to sing into , all you have to do is press play on the YouTube icon below and that feel good factor is all yours ....( wow , I can be so cheesy !)


Thursday, 3 January 2013

New Year Predictions

 Hey guys,just realised its technically been a year since my last post- its crazy really , isn't it?Anyway, I've decided to make a short compilation of images of which I think will be predominant during 2013 : some of these pics are of people , designers , prints etc.
(I don't own any of these images - full credit to owners)

Meadham Kirchhoff - that crazy pair of designers , if you haven't heard of them , then Google them for goodness sake!

Record Players - totes vintage awesome!
Tie Dye - its too groovy to handle
Louise Gray - though already popular , I think that her designs will be even more talked about.
Monsters Inc. - cannot contain my excitement for the release of this film!
Elle Fanning - Super 8 Actress and fashion enthusiast
70's Wallpaper
Nick Grimshaw - Radio 1 DJ and bezzie mates with Alexa Chung
Ginger bread houses - with thanks to the Great British Bake off !
The return of Hats - you're head won't be able to escape from them.
Royal Stewart Tartan and Tartan just in general
[Courtesy of Scotland Shop Tartan,]
The revival of that amazing 60's girl group - The Ronettes
Zooey Deschanel - Star of New Girl and model
Beards - for some reason , I mean , mustaches made it big time in 2012 so who knows what lies for facial in 2013
Jameela Jamil - the new fashion it girl , move over Alexa!
Jade Thompson - BNTM winner I just have a hunch that her career will take off.

 Yeah , so just a quick prediction but there are more posts to come!