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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Pope's got style!

I know what you're thinking - this post is not about The Pope but a different pope all together - Marlena Pope - ever heard of her? She's an ingenious blogger from the states and did I mention she writes for Rookie? I was reading an old-ish article of Marlena's on Rookie on how to make your own fashion collar , she began "Your neck will feel naked after reading this." 
(Picture below from Rookie)
Naturally , feeling inspired I found an old school shirt and followed the suprisingly easy instructions ,  thus creating my very own detachable collar - and I was really very happy with the results,though mine was far less razzle dazzle than any  of the other ones Marlena had made - I just drew a swirling pattern with a black fine liner:

 I'll probs be attempting this again and next time I'll plan it a bit better by adding  more sequins/beads/ribbon etc. and in general more eye catching!