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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Mary , Mary...

I love bold and crazy prints - thats probably why I like Mary Katrantzou's collections sooo much - they always feature a gorgeous , almost tribal print that really grabs your attention.But what I love even more is when you take two amazing prints and wear them together , it just creates a sort of a surreal air of confidence,sophistication and playfulness! 
As well as a collaboration with Topshop , Mary is becoming the designer that everyone is talking about - a genuine it girl , you can almost sense that lingering jealousy of other designers , wishing to be in her position.And yet, I think that the best of Mary's designs are still yet to come , so I will be waiting eagerly to see her latest collection!

Oh and IT'S CHRISTMAAASSSS ( in two days) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry , but I just had to do that!