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Friday, 30 November 2012

"You go Glen Coco!"

You probably guessed what this post is going to be about and if you don't then ....what-really?
After a hilarious P.E lesson in school today , I just can't stop thinking about funny quotes from Mean Girls , it is just the ultimate sleepover film! Anyway, today we had to stand on a box thing in P.E and fall onto a crash mat, whilst shouting a quote from Mean Girls ,  like "Nice wig Janice, what's it made of ?" ..." YOUR MOM'S CHEST HAIR!" which made P.E  particularly funny! I love Mean Girls and I've probably watched it over fifty times like most other teenage girls , I decided to compile a bunch of pictures together to show you some of my favourite quotes and images , which I found on the web so full credit is given to the owners of the pics!

You've got to love Mean Girls-right?
On another note , tomorrow the countdown to Christmas begins for most people around the world , it seems as if the countdown starts earlier every year , what with all the Christmas adverts-have you seen the John Lewis ad , its really cuteeee!And now it sounds like I'm advertising John Lewis .....well...I suppose I sort of am , accidently-ah well , watch the cute vid below: