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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Temple Run

A couple of days ago my Mum discovered Temple Run and she has become addicted - like seriously, its actually kinda scary ( she's playing it right now , as we speak!) It's not like my Mum is some sort of technology enthusiast or something -  that's why it came as a shock to me - but hey , this is a modern world ( we don't need no one to tell us what is right and wrong) .....Yep , you guessed it here is "Modern World" by The Jam - I just love breaking out into song!

I have a confession to make, it is not just my Mum who has an obsession with Temple \Run .... Admittedly , I too suffer from Temple Run addiction! It's not even a new game - ugh! What is wrong with me?Anyway , don't forget there is still time to vote for the Halloween special  ( anyone can vote! And if you really want to you can vote anonymously on the post below)