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Friday, 2 November 2012

Halloween Special : Part 1

Apologies for the delay with this post but the business of half term and Halloween night itself  was just ridiculous! So , now , prepare to be amazed by the very first annual Halloween Special : Part 1!
Here are some of my awesome friends wearing their awesome Halloween costumes  -from a Witch disguised as Minnie Mouse to Little Dead Riding Hood ! Choose your favourite costume  then  you can comment below ( which will count as a vote) and the winner will be revealed in part 2 , next week!

First off is Niamh , wearing a cow print baby grow with carefully applied white make up with black splodges.Can you guess what she is yet? Yep , that's right a cow ( that's not a insult by the way-just her costume!)
When I asked her why she should win she answered :
 "I  left my house in a giant baby grow ... and it was freezing outside - can you beat that?"        
Niamhy -moo!

Next up , Iris , with a twist on the classic horror film, A Clockwork Orange.She is wearing a black bowler hat , skinny jeans and a military style jacket , her make up consists of lashings of kohl liner and black mascara on her right eye only , of course.
Iris said :
" My costume is a take on one of the most iconic horror films ever! Vote for me!"
A Clockwork Iris

Michelle is wearing a black and purple dress with really cute Minnie Mouse ears , to receive a slightly more detailed explanation  about her costume see her quote below:
"I should win because I'm a Witch disguised as Minnie Mouse. And I love Minnie mouse!"
Minnie Michelle

AHHHHH!It's a vampire!!!....oh wait ....its Emily! Here , Emily wears a black cape with fangs  accompanied with a thick coating of spooky face paint , Little Miss Dracula said:
"It took me an hour and a half to get ready ... its gonna take me for ever to get this  make up off!"
Count Emily

 Last but not least it's Jazmin , she wears a red velvet cloak and glitter blood on her forehead.She's Little Dead Riding Hood ( see what I did there - har har!)
Jaz said:
"...because I have sparkly blood on my forehead!"
Little Dead Riding Hood

So you're probably wondering where my outfit is , well , you'll just have to wait until part 2 ... which is coming next week!
Get voting  ( in the comment box below) for either  : 

  • Niamhy-moo 
  • A Clockwork Iris
  • Minnie Michelle
  • Count Emily
  • Little Dead Riding Hood ( Jaz )