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Monday, 19 November 2012

Draw in Light

Drawn in Light is an English fashion label specialising in individual , free hand silk screening techniques and smart yet understated shapes for women - based in London they produce elegant minimalistic pieces which are beautifully diverse.I first heard about Draw in Light through ElleUK , I then discovered their website, which opened my eyes to gorgeous , elegant ,  floaty garments , which I instantly fell in love with.This is the kind of label that gets you excited , you know ,  you can just tell it's going to go somewhere!
The S/S 13 collection is named Noise , featuring silk wrap trousers and white gloss greenhouse dresses, sounds slightly odd , I know , but believe me it is a really amazing collection which is really worth having a look at ( see the full collection at Draw in Light )

There is also a really cool sort of artsy video on their website showing how their skilled workers create each individual garment by silk screening patterns on to delicate fabric. I found it really fascinating and sort of beautiful , I strongly suggest that you watch (follow this link ,because it wouldn't load - why I don't know! )
Just to let you guys know the Halloween part 2 will be coming very very soon and I apologise for the delay , I just get distracted really easy and had to tell you about D.I.L!