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Friday, 30 November 2012

"You go Glen Coco!"

You probably guessed what this post is going to be about and if you don't then ....what-really?
After a hilarious P.E lesson in school today , I just can't stop thinking about funny quotes from Mean Girls , it is just the ultimate sleepover film! Anyway, today we had to stand on a box thing in P.E and fall onto a crash mat, whilst shouting a quote from Mean Girls ,  like "Nice wig Janice, what's it made of ?" ..." YOUR MOM'S CHEST HAIR!" which made P.E  particularly funny! I love Mean Girls and I've probably watched it over fifty times like most other teenage girls , I decided to compile a bunch of pictures together to show you some of my favourite quotes and images , which I found on the web so full credit is given to the owners of the pics!

You've got to love Mean Girls-right?
On another note , tomorrow the countdown to Christmas begins for most people around the world , it seems as if the countdown starts earlier every year , what with all the Christmas adverts-have you seen the John Lewis ad , its really cuteeee!And now it sounds like I'm advertising John Lewis .....well...I suppose I sort of am , accidently-ah well , watch the cute vid below:


Saturday, 24 November 2012

Halloween Special : part 2

The wait is finally over , here is the epic conclusion to the somewhat delayed Halloween Special!You can finally see my Halloween costume and I know that its late because Christmas is just around the corner and I feel a bit rushed - but hey ho!
OK,first off,here are some pics of me , Niamh ( niamhy moo) and Michelle ( minnie michelle) at a different Halloween party (in different costumes)

Below is my partly home made costume, in case you were wondering , I'm  a  Groovy Zombie. My leggings are Primani and so are the neon hair extensions , I made the shirt myself by splashing a whole lot of diluted red paint onto a plain white tee.

Watch out : Niamh the clown is about! Below , It the Clown , otherwise known as Niamh (left) frightened the life out of nearly everyone , after getting her face painted to perfection. It is seriously scary isn't it? And poor little red riding hood , Michelle ( right) , is stood there just wondering whether the clown is actually smiling or not!

And  the results are in....... ( if you don't have a clue what I'm on about then you need to read Halloween Special :part 1 !) Out of the five contestants , you  ,the public , have voted for the winner ,  and remember , the results of this competition could be potentially life changing ( dramatic build up) so, with that the winner , with 33% of the votes is ....

Congratulations to Iris  , the first ever winner of the Halloween special , to be honest , the votes were  very close!
1st ..................Iris
 2nd................Niamh & Michelle
3rd.....................................Jaz & Emily


Monday, 19 November 2012

Draw in Light

Drawn in Light is an English fashion label specialising in individual , free hand silk screening techniques and smart yet understated shapes for women - based in London they produce elegant minimalistic pieces which are beautifully diverse.I first heard about Draw in Light through ElleUK , I then discovered their website, which opened my eyes to gorgeous , elegant ,  floaty garments , which I instantly fell in love with.This is the kind of label that gets you excited , you know ,  you can just tell it's going to go somewhere!
The S/S 13 collection is named Noise , featuring silk wrap trousers and white gloss greenhouse dresses, sounds slightly odd , I know , but believe me it is a really amazing collection which is really worth having a look at ( see the full collection at Draw in Light )

There is also a really cool sort of artsy video on their website showing how their skilled workers create each individual garment by silk screening patterns on to delicate fabric. I found it really fascinating and sort of beautiful , I strongly suggest that you watch (follow this link ,because it wouldn't load - why I don't know! )
Just to let you guys know the Halloween part 2 will be coming very very soon and I apologise for the delay , I just get distracted really easy and had to tell you about D.I.L!

Friday, 16 November 2012


I had to tell you about an amazing gift which I got from my Aunt , it was the best white chocolate I have ever had - literally! And it looked amazing as well , decorated with swirling pink roses and dark green leaves  it is the best white chocolate lolly pop I have ever seen.I believe the brand is known as Chococo ( which I have never heard of ) so ,now , marvel at the dazzling pictures below and also be jealous!

Unfortunately , the very same white chocolate lolly , affectionately known as Chococo has now been eaten and he will never return to be marvelled at again....sorry I couldn't resist!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The clash

I love it when vibrant colours are teamed with a just as bold clashing print.A fair few weeks ago I bought a shirt from Bijou Vintage and I'm just in love with it. It's sort of prada-esque : the bright cubic and spherical patterns.I also recently purchased an orange heritage style jacket from t.kmaxx , its just so edgy and I can't help but love the tartan lining ! When these two powers of awesome come together they create the perfect clash (well I think that it does anyway !)

 And just because you knew I would....The Clash! :D


Friday, 9 November 2012


Hashtags are overused and over rated: #FACT....No , but , seriously people are actually using them in real life - IN A CONVERSATION WITH A REAL PERSON ( something that I will probably never understand) A person is not a computer keyboard or twitter itself, so just stop this madness now!!!

Yeah, that little rant was a bit pointless because I occasionally find the use of a "hashtag" in a conversation quite hilarious :D 
 What am I on about please?


Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Temple Run

A couple of days ago my Mum discovered Temple Run and she has become addicted - like seriously, its actually kinda scary ( she's playing it right now , as we speak!) It's not like my Mum is some sort of technology enthusiast or something -  that's why it came as a shock to me - but hey , this is a modern world ( we don't need no one to tell us what is right and wrong) .....Yep , you guessed it here is "Modern World" by The Jam - I just love breaking out into song!

I have a confession to make, it is not just my Mum who has an obsession with Temple \Run .... Admittedly , I too suffer from Temple Run addiction! It's not even a new game - ugh! What is wrong with me?Anyway , don't forget there is still time to vote for the Halloween special  ( anyone can vote! And if you really want to you can vote anonymously on the post below)

Friday, 2 November 2012

Halloween Special : Part 1

Apologies for the delay with this post but the business of half term and Halloween night itself  was just ridiculous! So , now , prepare to be amazed by the very first annual Halloween Special : Part 1!
Here are some of my awesome friends wearing their awesome Halloween costumes  -from a Witch disguised as Minnie Mouse to Little Dead Riding Hood ! Choose your favourite costume  then  you can comment below ( which will count as a vote) and the winner will be revealed in part 2 , next week!

First off is Niamh , wearing a cow print baby grow with carefully applied white make up with black splodges.Can you guess what she is yet? Yep , that's right a cow ( that's not a insult by the way-just her costume!)
When I asked her why she should win she answered :
 "I  left my house in a giant baby grow ... and it was freezing outside - can you beat that?"        
Niamhy -moo!

Next up , Iris , with a twist on the classic horror film, A Clockwork Orange.She is wearing a black bowler hat , skinny jeans and a military style jacket , her make up consists of lashings of kohl liner and black mascara on her right eye only , of course.
Iris said :
" My costume is a take on one of the most iconic horror films ever! Vote for me!"
A Clockwork Iris

Michelle is wearing a black and purple dress with really cute Minnie Mouse ears , to receive a slightly more detailed explanation  about her costume see her quote below:
"I should win because I'm a Witch disguised as Minnie Mouse. And I love Minnie mouse!"
Minnie Michelle

AHHHHH!It's a vampire!!!....oh wait ....its Emily! Here , Emily wears a black cape with fangs  accompanied with a thick coating of spooky face paint , Little Miss Dracula said:
"It took me an hour and a half to get ready ... its gonna take me for ever to get this  make up off!"
Count Emily

 Last but not least it's Jazmin , she wears a red velvet cloak and glitter blood on her forehead.She's Little Dead Riding Hood ( see what I did there - har har!)
Jaz said:
"...because I have sparkly blood on my forehead!"
Little Dead Riding Hood

So you're probably wondering where my outfit is , well , you'll just have to wait until part 2 ... which is coming next week!
Get voting  ( in the comment box below) for either  : 

  • Niamhy-moo 
  • A Clockwork Iris
  • Minnie Michelle
  • Count Emily
  • Little Dead Riding Hood ( Jaz )