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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Groovy Zombie

As you all know too well , Halloween is just around the corner (whoop whoop) and I have decided to go as a Groovy zombie ! "What is a Groovy zombie ?" I hear you ask. Well, take a look at the all new - The dictionary of Kate :  

Groovy Zombie  -     essentially this is a hippie which has been bitten by a zombie  therefore becoming a zombie which is still groovy due to being a  hippie , hence  the term Groovy Zombie.                      

Ok , so the Dictionary of Kate isn't really a dictionary , because of the lack of words/phrases - but excpect to hear more from the dictionary as it will become somewhat of a  regular feature (and more of a dictionary!!! ) This time next week , you'll be able to see me get my 'zombie' groove on , as well as some of my best dressed friends !If you've got an awesome Halloween costume  , I would love to see it ,  send it to my blog email and you could be featured!

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