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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

F.O.B? More like FAB!

Felipe Oliveira Baptista's (F.O.B's)  S/S 2013 collection hit the runway at Paris fashion week -  which included structured jackets , cut out jumpsuits and dresses printed with colliding shapes.I absolutely adore this collection and I think it is very practical , relevant , but most of all I think that the experimentation with material , shape , colour and pattern is just sheer genius.I love the overall casual feel and the use of the almost mundane colours like olive, navy , white and khaki. So.. here are some of my favourite looks from the runway show! ( pictures from

This structured navy blue jumpsuit is effortlessly fabulous , this is one of those amazing outfit- type- things that you can dress up or down : here dressed down with basic black strap heels.I think that this is also really cool and edgy , it has a bit of  the "I don't care," feel to it which , if anything , just makes it even cooler and even edgier! 

The colliding shapes , colours and fabrics (if you look at the bottom of the dress and the right sleeve) makes this dress really quirky and different.I guess it sort of reminds me of tetris - with khaki and navy shapes trying to fit together - accept whoever was playing the game , wasn't very good at it!

If you think about it , when describing with words what this outfit looks like , it doesn't really sound too great - " baggy olive leather trousers and a matching jacket/top" - but this look is just completely awesome. It has a sort of grungy and androgynous feel which I just love!

This actually really reminds me of a white/aqua marine / navy giraffe - really elegant and graceful yet colourful and kinda crazy! I just love the translucent panels that are the same print as part of the dress. In theory , this really shouldn't work .... but it really does- it's my favourite piece out of the whole collection.

When I imagine what it was like before this piece went out onto the runway , this is what I would picture ...."Oh! We seem to have cut out a big chunk of that play suit!Ah , well , we can  make that work!"..... and they did! Quirky and oh so cool!

Think minimalist with attitude - basic colour but a magnitude of shape and texture.Once again , the overriding , effortless "I don't care!" attitude springs to mine - but it just looks so good!I love the non-symmetrical shape of the torso and the skirt - rebellious but graceful!

F.O.B's S/S 2013 ready-to-wear collection was FAB ( har de har har!) - hope you enjoyed!