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Monday, 10 September 2012

Platforms - seriously?

Neon,tartan and patterned platforms........really? Yes, really , and no I'm not talking about a Drag Queen's wardrobe here , I'm talking about high fashion finally being incorporated more significantly into everyday wear.
 Gwen Stefani , Lindsay Lohan , Susie Bubble and Lady Gaga ( unsurprisingly) have all be spotted spreading the 70's love around by sporting the platform shoe.

Gwen Stefani goes for a more casual platform sandal with a stunning white jump suit on the red carpet , the use of the black clutch is sheer genius , tying in with the black straps on the body of the shoe.

 If you want to go for a more extreme look , then see Lady Gaga for further details.Just casually strutting around in her killer red leather heels at New York fashion week.A certain sesame street character comes to mind when looking at this picture , though I admire her awesome shoes , sunglasses and dress, I can't help but feeling the absence of the ABC song - Elmo anyone?

Lindsay Lohan goes for a more subdued look at a music festival , a more gentle approach though still worthy of praise. Realistically, if your going to be jumping up and down at a rock concert the last thing you want to do is break your ankle in platform shoes!

And last but not least , Susie Bubble's amazing street style, designed  by the woman herself , these square toed platform boots feature lilac coloured pony hair and neon leather side panels.These boots are now on sale at

 So , if you want to look like a Style Icon and not like a Drag Queen about to perform Tina Turner's Rolling on a River , then look to the celebs who got it right for ideas, whether it be extreme or subdued - go for it!