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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Everybody LOVES Chris

Christopher Kane's Spring/Summer 2013 collection hit the catwalk at London Fashion week , but what I really admire is his Autumn/Winter 2012 collection - clean lines and dark simplistic colours and prints.He ties silks with furs and dark leather with knitwear.

Here , Chris uses a gorgeous chiffon silk dress in lavender in a black rose print , teamed with basic black heels. As for the hair and make-up , all styling is very simplistic , which I love , letting the clothes speak for themselves : hair is loose with a modest centre parting and very little make-up is used on all of the models.

This chunky red polo neck is made edgy , with Michael Jackson esque trousers and clutch.Red is the ideal winter statement colour , daring yet subdued. Black leather strips run down the crimson trousers (I couldn't resist adding a " thriller" gag in there , so here it is ) it doesn't look like "something evil is lurking in the dark" for  Christopher Kane's A/W 2012 collection ( quote from "Thriller" - har de har )

A quirky take on winter furs , here a grey fur coat looks fabulous with marbled , red , silk drainpipe trousers.A thin black leather belt draws in the waist and small detachable peter - pan collar. For me , this fur jacket is the stand out piece, I love its edgy , quirky sort of feel.

This long striped blazer clashes beautifully with a matching skirt and similarly stripy top.Totally Gothic chic - somehow I think Chris has been watching "The nightmare before Christmas" due to this Jack Skellington inspired outfit , I'm not putting it down or anything - I actually really love it!

This honestly hasn't got anything to do with anything but this song is just awesome ; K-pop for ever!!

All runway pictures in this post are courtesy of the London fashion week official website.


Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Feeling left out....

Earlier this week  Britain's biggest fashion event kicked off , where fashion designers , fashion lovers and fashion bloggers congregate for one of the world's biggest fashion weeks - yes - you guessed it London fashion week! I completely understand all of the hype but to be honest , I'm just feeling left out! I know that it is LONDON fashion week and not England fashion week but I just wish that a fashion week up north could be just as successful as London.
As you may know , Liverpool fashion week is fast approaching but to be honest the majority of shows don't exactly sound that compelling, it may however be a chance for some up and coming designers but most shows have been booked by high street shops.

Let me know what you think about this and if there is any must see fashion shows up north , thanks!


Thursday, 13 September 2012

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Arguably Audrey Hepburn's greatest and most stylish film - Breakfast at Tiffany's ! 

The first scene , where Audrey is eating breakfast outside Tiffany's wearing a full length black gown with a chunky pearl necklace scattered with diamonds , as well as oversized black shades.

I love the scene where she runs around looking for her alligator shoes , and then comes out immaculately  dressed , with a gorgeous felt hat decorated with a thick cream ribbon and black crystal earrings.And then says " How do I look?" Well , Audrey , you look stunning!

In complete contrast to the previous scenes Audrey sits on top of a window sill ,  singing " Moon River" with a handkerchief tied around her head wearing a basic top and black drainpipe jeans.Trying to elegantly play the guitar whilst sitting on the ledge of the window sill is not easy, and yet she does it so well!

Basically what I'm trying to express is , how she wears clothes with such elegance and self-awareness whilst still convincing us that she is Holly the socialite and not just plain , old ( yet fabulous) Audrey!


Monday, 10 September 2012

Platforms - seriously?

Neon,tartan and patterned platforms........really? Yes, really , and no I'm not talking about a Drag Queen's wardrobe here , I'm talking about high fashion finally being incorporated more significantly into everyday wear.
 Gwen Stefani , Lindsay Lohan , Susie Bubble and Lady Gaga ( unsurprisingly) have all be spotted spreading the 70's love around by sporting the platform shoe.

Gwen Stefani goes for a more casual platform sandal with a stunning white jump suit on the red carpet , the use of the black clutch is sheer genius , tying in with the black straps on the body of the shoe.

 If you want to go for a more extreme look , then see Lady Gaga for further details.Just casually strutting around in her killer red leather heels at New York fashion week.A certain sesame street character comes to mind when looking at this picture , though I admire her awesome shoes , sunglasses and dress, I can't help but feeling the absence of the ABC song - Elmo anyone?

Lindsay Lohan goes for a more subdued look at a music festival , a more gentle approach though still worthy of praise. Realistically, if your going to be jumping up and down at a rock concert the last thing you want to do is break your ankle in platform shoes!

And last but not least , Susie Bubble's amazing street style, designed  by the woman herself , these square toed platform boots feature lilac coloured pony hair and neon leather side panels.These boots are now on sale at

 So , if you want to look like a Style Icon and not like a Drag Queen about to perform Tina Turner's Rolling on a River , then look to the celebs who got it right for ideas, whether it be extreme or subdued - go for it!


Tuesday, 4 September 2012


This post is way over due - my amazing friend Helaena , has an amazing sense of style! She is what you would call a shopaholic.... and she has AMAZING clothes!

 She always knows what to wear and when to wear it , the pictures below were taken in Provins during a school trip to France. On that day I fell in love with Helaena's gorgeous outfit. Here,she wears an Amy Winehouse for Fred perry play suit with a stunningly embroidered Fred Perry cardigan with knee high socks, brown leather bag and an awesome pair of 'bowling' shoes!

I think that Helaena's sense of style is excellent ( inside joke!) , and if you're looking for a girl with outstanding style , look no further , for she is here !


Monday, 3 September 2012


OK. , this is just getting ridiculous , its now September and I haven't done a post for ages! But , I do have an excuse , I've been on holiday , and now that its back to school  (sob) I 'll be back to more than 1 post every week. So , yeah , back to business....

Polka dots are every where at the moment - literally , I've got a feeling it has something to do with Marc Jacobs' latest fragrance , ' Dot ' . I was also made aware of the surge of spots through Susie Bubble's ingenious blog - Style Bubble

For me , personally , polka dots are kinda my thing , that and stripes, they're just so simple yet effective. I must have about two polka dot cardigans and a polka dot hooded jumper - it looks kinda like twister on a jumper.As well as about three striped cardigans and at least three striped tops , yeah , I guess you could say that I'm obsessed! I think that simple chic is an everlasting trend and in my eyes , a simple striped shirt , a navy skirt and red flats just looks effortless!