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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Sweet Shades

Woahhh..... it's been over a week since my last post!I've just been super busy at the moment and I'm sorry that you've had to tolerate 10 days without a single post from my blog - how did you survive?

With it being the summer and all , I've seen loads of totes amazing sunglasses , it seems as if nobody is afraid to make a statement with a pair of sunnies.I've taken some pics from the world wide web to show some of my favourite shades this season.

First off, Tom ford's over sized round glasses , a trend which is taking over the nation.I love that silver piping around the glasses to accentuate your eyes , they literally look good with every outfit!

These marbled chunky glasses from Isson Eyewear are really edgy and totally awesome I love how for the campaign they've teamed it with a gorgeous silk headscarf which looks stunning.Although, I'm not sure about those marker pen eyebrows!

These shimmering elegant sunglasses are from dsquared eyewear and bring a feel of the catwalk to the streets!

Prada's baroque sunglasses are a breath of fresh air , with its swirling design , I have great expectations for these because they are going to be everywhere!

Asos is the perfect place to get your shades if you don't have the cash to splash , these retro cream shades are really awesome and are just a taste of the awesome of asos' sunglasses.

Last but not least , these vintage style sunnies are the perfect glasses for the summer , from bassike eyewear.

So, yeah that's it for now guys! Don't just waste your time on the computer this summer get out there in the sun ( or the rain) and have fun!