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Sunday, 5 August 2012

J is for Jil

One fashion house that everybody is talking about at the moment - Jil Sander. At Raf Simons' last show for Jil sander in Milan , he used pastel shades with contrasting bold colours, clean lines and structured pieces. A sheer sweep of minimalism and playful sophistication washes over the catwalk this season with Jil Sander leading the way.

I love the way he brings a floral feel to the autumn collection with pale blues and milky coffees.

This is one of my favourite dresses-just sheer minimalism.

This look is completely contrasting to the minimalist beige dress above,I love this heavy red coat teamed with the navy dress and subtle shoes and navy clutch.

These are the ultimate statement trousers , though what they somewhat lack in colour they make up for in shape.They look truly stunning with simple hair and makeup.

Here, a quick clip from what people thought of Raf Simons' last show for Jil sander.