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Friday, 24 August 2012

Notting Hill

This post is kind of random and pretty much unnecessary,but hey! Notting Hill is awesome and I'm watching it at the moment ( you  can't get any more current than this) I love Anna's ( Julia Roberts') sunglasses near the beginning of the film-and sunglasses are sort of my thing at the moment!They are just stunning , sort of retro , cat eyed black sunnies- j'adore!

After about 13 years of the film being released I finally think that scuba diving goggles might just catch on......

..........or maybe not!

Just a quick post tonight!

Monday, 20 August 2012

Confectioner's Accessories

Lately I've noticed a fair amount of jewellery decorated with fake biscuits and sweets. It varies as much from a custard cream broach to a licorice allsorts necklace. Last year I bought an amazing "party ring" necklace from Biscuit Boutique , who had a stall at Liverpool's annual fashion and design week. Essentially , its a fake party ring ( that looks REAL) attached to a silver chain - I love it ! Anyway , last week it was one of my best friends birthday and she got a licorice allsorts necklace which is totes amazeballs! I googled 'biscuit neckalce' and hundreds of products came up including a jammy dodger necklace , custard cream broach , oreo ring and even a digestive biscuit bracelet! So I really think that you should look out for confectionery accessories this season.........seriously!


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Sweet Shades

Woahhh..... it's been over a week since my last post!I've just been super busy at the moment and I'm sorry that you've had to tolerate 10 days without a single post from my blog - how did you survive?

With it being the summer and all , I've seen loads of totes amazing sunglasses , it seems as if nobody is afraid to make a statement with a pair of sunnies.I've taken some pics from the world wide web to show some of my favourite shades this season.

First off, Tom ford's over sized round glasses , a trend which is taking over the nation.I love that silver piping around the glasses to accentuate your eyes , they literally look good with every outfit!

These marbled chunky glasses from Isson Eyewear are really edgy and totally awesome I love how for the campaign they've teamed it with a gorgeous silk headscarf which looks stunning.Although, I'm not sure about those marker pen eyebrows!

These shimmering elegant sunglasses are from dsquared eyewear and bring a feel of the catwalk to the streets!

Prada's baroque sunglasses are a breath of fresh air , with its swirling design , I have great expectations for these because they are going to be everywhere!

Asos is the perfect place to get your shades if you don't have the cash to splash , these retro cream shades are really awesome and are just a taste of the awesome of asos' sunglasses.

Last but not least , these vintage style sunnies are the perfect glasses for the summer , from bassike eyewear.

So, yeah that's it for now guys! Don't just waste your time on the computer this summer get out there in the sun ( or the rain) and have fun!


Sunday, 5 August 2012

J is for Jil

One fashion house that everybody is talking about at the moment - Jil Sander. At Raf Simons' last show for Jil sander in Milan , he used pastel shades with contrasting bold colours, clean lines and structured pieces. A sheer sweep of minimalism and playful sophistication washes over the catwalk this season with Jil Sander leading the way.

I love the way he brings a floral feel to the autumn collection with pale blues and milky coffees.

This is one of my favourite dresses-just sheer minimalism.

This look is completely contrasting to the minimalist beige dress above,I love this heavy red coat teamed with the navy dress and subtle shoes and navy clutch.

These are the ultimate statement trousers , though what they somewhat lack in colour they make up for in shape.They look truly stunning with simple hair and makeup.

Here, a quick clip from what people thought of Raf Simons' last show for Jil sander.


Thursday, 2 August 2012

Wild Thing

I think that at the moment , my favourite piece in my wardrobe is a navy blue skirt with printed red zebras on it .Its sort of random , so really it goes with anything and everything! Here , I 'm wearing it with an ash grey silk top teamed with  red suede shoes from Topshop. Also featured, is a black leather bag,which my Aunt in America bought for me.( I couldn't resist using 'Wild Thing' as the title , because it's a skirt which has a 'wild' animal on it - WOW! I'm hilarious!)

And also,just because I can....Wild Thing by The Troggs