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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Rain drops keep falling on my head

Apart from the fact that I think that 'Rain drops keep falling on my head' is an incredibly catchy song , I couldn't help but notice how the sunny,warm weather has subsided and we are back to typical good , old British rain. Saying that, I actually quite like the rain,running frantically through it to get under some shelter.And also this has pretty much nothing to do with fashion(sorry!)
Ironically, in the music video for 'rain drops keep falling on my head' (below) it's blissfully sunny the whole time!

And here my friends, is evidence of the return of the good old rain. 

 No,the light on this pic is not from the sun , but from the flash on my camera,but I love your optimism. 

                         The small puddle which is forming in the middle of the road.

If your living in a country where it isn't raining then you're probably laughing at us here in England.Well, all I can say is 'lucky you!'