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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Going for Gold

You're probably thinking , 'Typical! Just another post about the Olympics!" , well my pessimistic friends this isn't just any post about the London Olympics, no , this is the ultimate style guide to the 2012 Olympics.To be honest the actual Olympics doesn't really feature that much its more about what the athletes and spectators wore last night at the opening ceremony and me rambling on so yeah .Anyway , with that , let the games begin!

What are this year's olympic teams wearing?

Team GB are wearing Stella McCartney's expertly designed performance kit , podium suit and villagewearAlso, at last night's opening ceremony team GB wore white tracksuits with contrasting gold - chic or tacky? 

Team USA ,last night wore Ralph Lauren,preppy, military style uniform, love it or hate it?

Team Italia ,at the opening ceremony , were sporting stunning Giorgio Armani suits , designed specifically for athletes.

Team Mexico really went for it by wearing bright and traditional ponchos, which really did steal the show!

Team El Salvador did look fantastic with ombre sweaters and fitted blue skirts.It looked both elegant and effortless.


The Queen - Her Majesty looked interesting at the opening ceremony , she wore a pink fish tail dress, with a coral coloured feathered headband.And I'm not entirely sure what I think of it.

Princess Kate - Dressed in an ice blue Christopher Kane number , looked absolutely impeccable.

Samantha Cameron - Wearing a statement black and red dress which looked simply effortless.


Rowan Attkinson- a.k.a Mr Bean , looked suave in a simple white shirt , bow tie and black suit as he performed during the opening ceremony adding a generous helping of humour to the performance of chariots of fire by the live orchestra. 

Daniel Craig- a.k.a James Bond , wore a classic suit , which brought a touch of 007 to the ceremony.

That's it for now , but expect more fabulous ( if I do say so myself) posts from my blog.Subscribe and share with your friends!