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Monday, 30 July 2012

Chocolate-Gold medal

Today, I took some pictures of a few of my favourite outfits,on most of the shots it appears to be sunny, but in actual fact I just took them during the short bursts of glistening sunshine.I'm not a model but wearing these clothes makes me happy,I did do my fair share of posing though, but I wanted the pics to look as natural as possible.So hope they make you smile!Enjoy :)

Firstly , I wore a vintage "rrruss" shirt and a long mustard skirt with copper buttons right the way down.I used a parasol in this shot to make it look more artsy,I think that its mission accomplished there( as in attempting to make it look artsy, not the fact that it actually looks effortlessly artsy- if you get my drift).I wear this outfit when its sunny, I love it the way this skirt floats around my ankles , the fabric is just so delicate.

I have to admit, I'm doing one of those sort of 'Hello and welcome to my gardening show' type poses.This is what I call my 'summer jumper' , if you're not from Britain or an other country with an unpredictable climate than you will probably never understand the concept of a jumper in the summer.It's purely for those days when its cold but sort of sunny.

I call this my explorer's outfit.I love this Henry Holland esque shirt decorated with flamingos.I team it up with washed out blue denim shorts from asos , add a belt and wear these tortoise shell circular shades.All I need now is some binoculars!

Whenever I wear this, I cant help but feel empowered.....GIRL POWER!!!I add an 80's twist with a pink bow and give it a more girly feel with a red floral skirt.I love to wear these brown leather penny loafers , I feel like Nancy Drew!

Oh yeah, this is a picture of the chocolate-gold medal which I ate while watching the Olympics.Its pretty awesome.