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Thursday, 7 June 2012

'The Shoe is Mightier Than the Sword'

Shoes!Shoes!Shoes!This spring/summer is all about the statement shoe: bright and bold wedges,extreme heels and candy coloured flats embellished with dainty flowers/bows.So put on your dancing shoes and enjoy some of the hottest statement shoes this season!

Bright 'n' bold wedges

Brightly coloured wedges can look absolutely fabulous when teamed with flowing maxi dresses , bold sunglasses and chunky necklaces in the summer sun!


These heels are almost definitely not designed for walking around on a hot summers day, but ,they are seen all over the catwalk this spring/summer- especially at Alexander McQueen.Though I doubt  that any of us  will be wearing these as our everyday summer shoes (besides from Lady Gaga) we can still dabble in there all mighty glory! Lets take a look at these extreme heels.

Candy coloured flats

This season pastels and candy colours are back in,bringing a more  feminine feel back to the catwalk and on the streets.As if these flats could get any more adorable, with dainty bows and flowers and made with contrasting materials .With the introduction of jelly shoes very few fashion houses have been able to pull them off,Vivienne Westwood has, very successfully with a candy, cutesy twist.And no, these shoes are not edible!

I think that you will agree with me that the shoe is definitely mightier than the sword.Thanks for viewing my blog please leave comments.