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Monday, 25 June 2012

Off To The Races

Lets take a look at some of the best and worst hats which were on show at the royal Ascot.

Many were impressed and some were distraught at the site of plastic foods on  hats at this years royal Ascot!

Those Animals!
Some decided to subtly or not so subtly incorporate animals into their hats. Channelling animals such as swans and porcupines!
Flower Power!
I think the pictures speak for themselves!Flower power!!!!!!!

Totally Insane
Oh what can I say?!
Well that's it for now but be sure to be back again soon for the latest fashion failures and triumphs!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

'The Shoe is Mightier Than the Sword'

Shoes!Shoes!Shoes!This spring/summer is all about the statement shoe: bright and bold wedges,extreme heels and candy coloured flats embellished with dainty flowers/bows.So put on your dancing shoes and enjoy some of the hottest statement shoes this season!

Bright 'n' bold wedges

Brightly coloured wedges can look absolutely fabulous when teamed with flowing maxi dresses , bold sunglasses and chunky necklaces in the summer sun!


These heels are almost definitely not designed for walking around on a hot summers day, but ,they are seen all over the catwalk this spring/summer- especially at Alexander McQueen.Though I doubt  that any of us  will be wearing these as our everyday summer shoes (besides from Lady Gaga) we can still dabble in there all mighty glory! Lets take a look at these extreme heels.

Candy coloured flats

This season pastels and candy colours are back in,bringing a more  feminine feel back to the catwalk and on the streets.As if these flats could get any more adorable, with dainty bows and flowers and made with contrasting materials .With the introduction of jelly shoes very few fashion houses have been able to pull them off,Vivienne Westwood has, very successfully with a candy, cutesy twist.And no, these shoes are not edible!

I think that you will agree with me that the shoe is definitely mightier than the sword.Thanks for viewing my blog please leave comments.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Right Royal Style

As you all know, the Queen's 60 year reign of Great Britain is being celebrated this bank holiday with her diamond jubilee.Her clothes and accessories and no doubt her infamous hats have really made a difference to the way people act towards her.The rest of the royal family have also made an impact on today's fashion society... ah hem Kate Middleton! Introducing and really making Britain's mark on the fashion map.So sit back and enjoy this right royal street party!

Kate Middleton

Kate has really influenced the way the rest of the world see the royal family-whether she is dressed up or down she always looks fabulous!She had shown us how she can be daring, in her earlier years wearing that revealing dress on the catwalk that changed peoples perception of this well-raised country gal.She brings a modern and younger style to the royal family themselves-no wonder she is loved by so many.

Pippa Middleton
Though only a royal in-law 'p-middy' has really showed off her assets in gorgeous gowns and dresses.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry , the original cool prince, this laid back guy has expressed his style subtly through his suits and casual wear.He has showed us his wild side when he was photographed outside a nightclub wearing pink nail varnish.He has also shown us how he can be free and relaxed when he danced with the locals in Jamaica.

The Queen
Over the years the Queen has greatly influenced fashions and her style cannot be expressed in words,so,look at some of the Queens fashion highlights over the last 60 years.

Wow!The Queen really knows how to style it up!Rule Britannia!Hope you enjoy this installation please comment! follow my blog!
Kate xxxxx

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Style Icons

Audrey Hepburn,global style icon, actress and my personal style icon.Now here is some food for thought,who is your style icon?You may be thinking "Oh,please!I don't need a style icon 'cos I'm original!"..well you more than likely not,you just haven't discovered who it is ,its more than likely going to be someone a bit less mainstream,someone unique,like you!And I want to help you,here are some categories that you may fall into along with some of the best icons who represent it;

'On-Trend' - Rosie Huntington Whiteley

'Preppy' - Agyness Deyn

'Alternative' - Kristen Stewart

'Exclusively designer' - Victoria Beckham

'Geek-Chic' - Mark Ronson

'Free Spirit' - Florence Welch

'Vintage' - Dita Von Teese

Well..did you find your icon?..and if you didn't then i am hardly surprised,with the amount of styles and trends out there! but still hope you enjoyed please comment and recommend my blog!